About Audacious Foundation

The Audacious Foundation is funded by Jane and Paul Orfalea. We fund experiential, non-academic programs in low-income schools, supporting nature-based learning, healthy habits, and essential life skills.

Our Mission

We provide a complete learning experience for the whole child.

We are fiercely devoted to the idea that childhood experience is the foundation of adult success, and that whole child development requires a balance of cognitive and non-cognitive skill development. We further believe that whole child development is a right of all children and that schools are the environments best suited to deliver the combination of education and experiences required.

About the Foundation

Audacious Foundation was endowed in late 2015 by Jane and Paul Orfalea.

The foundation’s work is focused on Santa Barbara County and the city of Los Angeles. We welcome other funders to invest alongside us. Please consider contributing to our vetted nonprofits or schools.

About Our Staff

Catherine Brozowski is Executive Director. She has 20 years of philanthropic experience at family foundations, corporate foundations, and a community foundation.

Contact the staff here.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Foundation provide sponsorship support?

At this time, the Foundation does not provide sponsorships for events or activities.

Does the Foundation fund multiple-year grants?

We will fund multiple-year grants at our discretion. If your program would benefit from a multiple-year grant, please discuss it with Catherine Brozowski.

Can I submit an application?

We do not have the capacity to review or respond to unsolicitied proposals for funding. We will not consider unsolicited applications or proposals.

Is the Foundation hiring?

The Foundation is not hiring at this time.

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