Focus Areas

We fund active, experiential, non-academic programs in low-income schools, supporting nature-based learning, healthy habits, and essential life skills.

Audacious Foundation supports Whole Child Learning

A child’s growing brain requires a balance of academic education and experiential learning to reach its peak potential. Whole Child Learning Environments provide a complete learning experience inclusive of mind, body, and spirit. 

A Whole Child School Connects Physical, Social-Emotional, & Academic Learning

Academic achievement, social-emotional competence, and physical and mental health are fundamentally interrelated.

Hands-On, Experiential Activities Welcome & Benefit All Learning Styles

Kinesthetic, verbal, aural, and visual learners all benefit from a greater variety of environments and activities.


Life Skills Programs Prepare Kids to Thrive as Adults

Essential life skills such as oral health and financial literacy prepare students for the non-standardized test called “real life”.

A Balanced Approach Improves Classroom Performance

Exercise, healthy food, and outdoor activity improve concentration, retention, behavior, and cognitive function.

Nature-Based Learning

School Gardens, Edible Forests, Camp Experiences, and Nature-Based Education take kids out of the classroom and into the world.

Healthy Habits

Learning skills like swimming or bicycling helps kids make their health a lifetime habit.

Essential Life Skills

Initiatives devoted to arts exposure, financial literacy, reading skills, and etiquette develop skills students will use throughout life.