They're not just students. They're people.

We want children to have the freedom to be kids, provided with a complete learning experience for the whole child.

We begin where academics end.

Audacious Foundation is fiercely devoted to the idea that childhood experience is the foundation of adult success. We invest in Whole Child Education because a child’s brain requires a balance of academic education and experiential learning to reach peak potential.

Nature-Based Learning

School Gardens, Edible Forests, Camp Experiences and Nature-Based Education take kids out of the classroom and into the world.

Healthy Habits

Learning new skills like swimming or bicycling and understanding the importance of hydration help kids make their health a lifetime habit.

Essential Life Skills

Financial literacy, reading, etiquette, exposure to the arts, and confidence building all round out a child’s education with essential skills they will be able to use for life. 

Schools We Support

The Audacious Foundation supports a small number of both public and parochial schools that serve low-income communities, mostly within Santa Barabara County. These schools are selected based upon school leadership, and the school Principal’s alignment with a “whole child” learning philosophy. 

Programs We Support

The Audacious Foundation works with carefully selected organizations to fister an environment of Whole Child Learning for all students at our supported schools.

“Children live in the world; let them learn in the world”

–  Paul Orfalea

Our approach is to fund non-academic programs within the school day, so that all students benefit. We select high-need schools led by audacious Principals who embrace a whole-child learning philosophy. We are a no-frills charity with low overhead and high standards. We focus on proven programs, with simple execution, and minimal reporting.